PDB teamPandan Bakery is a small family run baking business bringing delicious Malaysian-inspired cakes and bakes to Londoners!

We believe the taste and texture of cakes are of the upmost importance. We bake one of the lightest and softest of cakes, the traditional South-east Asian chiffon sponge, which is available in four flavours including our signature flavour, pandan.

Pandan itself is a fragrant plant and its floral essence is widely found in South-East Asian cuisine. Along with chiffon cakes, we also use pandan in other products to put an exotic twist on classic recipes, such as our pandan cupcakes and brioche.

 Our cakes are made to order and can be delivered to your
door. We also aim to bring a touch of Pandan Bakery to food markets and food fairs in London whenever possible.

We hope you will love the flavour of pandan as much as we do!