About Us


Pandan Bakery can trace its beginning back to 2012, when our team decided the London food scene was lacking authentic Malaysian cakes and desserts. We tested the waters around various London markets until we found our home in Putney in 2016. Since then, our family-run business has gone from strength to strength, increasing our range of traditionally made kuih (or kueh), experimenting with different chiffon cake flavours, and delving into the world of event catering for wedding and banquets.


Our Team comprises of three family members with a passion for excellent food - husband & wife, Valence and Ling, and daughter, Tamsin.

Ling is our head baker and a true master of Malaysian baking. She grew up in a baking environment in Malaysia where she learnt the skills and techniques to create traditional Malaysia cakes and desserts. Ling has been baking our signature cake, Pandan Chiffon Sponge, for over 40 years and in recent years has added kuih-making to her expertise. Her knowledge of traditional Malaysian cuisine is vital to our recipe development.

Valence heads up business development as well as being cookie-maker extraordinaire. Although born in London, he has visited Malaysia numerous times, always keen to try the best food around, bringing back more innovative ideas to London.

Tamsin is another keen baker who specialises in Pandan Bakery's larger celebration cakes and wedding cakes. She has been baking since the age of 5, learning most of her skills from her mother, but has also classically trained in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu too.


We are on a mission to produce delicious Malaysian cakes and desserts using authentic ingredients and refined methods. We believe the taste and texture of cakes are of the upmost importance and refuse to compromise on quality. Our kuih are made using traditional techniques, often rolling or molding items by hand. We squeeze our own pandan juice using fresh pandan leaves, and have even started growing a banana tree (though it’s not quite large enough for us to harvest its leaves, yet). Our cakes and kuih are made to order as we do not use any artificial preservatives, so do be quick eating them to have them at their best!

Our products are masterfully made, painstakingly perfected and creatively crafted using quality ingredients and a passion for excellence. That’s the Pandan Promise.